Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quick Note

In case you were all hovering in front of your computers with my blog open hitting the "refresh" button 10 million times and wondering why nothing new was being posted (you were, right?) you should know that my little pride & joy broke the screen on my laptop. It was incredible, actually. He shattered it WAY worse than his dad did a few years ago. Ah, the male drive to best one's own father.

Anyway, I should get a replacement screen tomorrow, and then I'll be able to upload the pics I've been taking. In case you were wondering how the garden survived the Saturday's blizzard, be soothed. Almost everything made it through just fine, including my nerves.

Also, I just had to share with you that while on Saturday the temps were in the teens and there was several inches of snow on the ground, a mere 72 hours later I was gardening in shorts and a tank top. Gotta love Oklahoma, I guess.

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