Friday, March 19, 2010

It's About to Get Ugly

I'm in a HORRIBLE mood right now. Why? This:

It's currently a sunny 70 DEGREES RIGHT NOW, PEOPLE! All of my blooming plants that have been stretching out and getting pretty are going to FREAK OUT tonight and probably croak. To make matters worse, my backup plan of covering everything with straw has backfired BIG TIME and I have about 40 new transplants in the ground for a variety of plant-them-now-or-they-will-die reasons.

I'm running around now cloching what I can and taking pictures of the blossoms that will most certainly be dead and brown in the morning. Chance of me getting out of bed tomorrow? 20% or less.


  1. No kidding! Another okie here...I'm working on getting all my beds covered and then going back into my burrow until the real spring arrives. Hope some of your plants survive.


  2. Thanks Sara. I know a bunch of us spent today scrambling around. I read online about Christmas lights strung on fruit trees to keep them from freezing, so I'm trying that. Let the hilarity begin!

  3. Got any old used bedsheets? They work fairly well for emergency row covers.