Sunday, March 28, 2010


So remember that freak snow storm which proved that spring wasn't really here yet? Apparently, I should have seen it coming.

The first is mudswallows. We have a pair that live out the summer in our frony entryway, and they sit on the ledge of our front door and peek in on us all day. I saw them scoping out the nest several weeks ago, but they didn't stick around. I wondered why, and it seems like they knew about the blizzard via bird weather forecasting.

Well they are finally back:

Forgive the dirty window. It's too high for me to clean with any kind of regularity. When we first moved in we debated knocking down the nest but we quickly realized that there were babies in it, and that would have been REALLY bad karma. We were rewarded a few days later with a positive pregnancy test, so I will let these little guys hang out as much as they want. The nest is a little bald now, but in a month or so they will have built it up with grass and muddy spit.

The other sign of spring that I'd been waiting for was my daffodil bulbs. They flower buds just would NOT open...until the day after the blizzard. Wise blossoms? Maybe.

I'm a little sad that the daffodils I planted in the center flower bed 2 years ago didn't sprout this year. They looked great last year, so maybe the freakishly cold winter killed them? I don't know, but I am pleasently surprised by my hyacinth bulbs in that bed. Last year they were just a few inches tall, but this year they came back HUGE.

They're almost a foot tall. See the honey bee on the white one? They smell amazing.

Thank you, Spring. You were so missed.

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