Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Love Today

Though blustery, today is an amazing 70 degrees and brilliantly sunny. I know many of you are still dealing with snow and frigid temps, so either this post will warm the frozen cockles of your heart, or make you really mad. I had to grab my camera and snap pics of the awesomeness outside (I'm trying very hard to avoid overused phrasing like "spring has sprung!" or "the earth is waking up!" so bear with me).

First the veggies.

From top to bottom are Oregon Snow Pod II peas, popping up nicely; Little Gem Lettuce seedlings; and one of many broccoli starts in the milk jugs growing true leaves. It was hard to get a good shot of the lettuce because it is SO bright and sunny outside, and because I couldn't get very close because of the mud between the rows.

Next up is the fruit:

It was next to impossible to get a decent shot of the blueberry buds with the wind whipping the branches around. These are the "Powder Blue" bushes that were rescued from certain death in the clearance section of the local feed store last fall, and they almost seem so grateful for the second chance at life that they are outpacing the "Misty Blue" bushes to bud.

Next are the flower buds:

These are buds on my little leaning pear tree. He may be slanted, but he's pretty.

These are buds on my beloved peach tree. It was worth braving the biting ice storm all day to break ice off of her.

And finally, the obligatory crocus shots, first blooms of spring:

Last year I didn't take any pictures of the crocus because I was waiting for all of the bulbing flowers to bloom, but they fizzled out before the tulips, etc. really got going. You can also see the pansies in the long shot, which came back despite being literally pansy-popsicles covered in several inches of ice. I deadheaded them last week and have been rewarded with big new blooms.

And lastly, the little human:

Mud. It does a baby good.

* I must take a moment to thank my husband once again for replacing our old craptastic camera this Christmas. I could have never gotten the bud shots with that old piece of junk. Good camera = good blog.


  1. I <3 the little human! Your photos are beautiful! I'm so happy to see spring knocking on the door...I'm just giddy!

  2. Lucky you. I'm still cursed with snow. We are in the middle of a snow store right now and expecting up to 3 inches overnight.