Monday, January 4, 2010

Mutt Monday: Double Post

To make up for missing last week's Mutt Monday post, you're getting a double feature this week. We wouldn't want you think that the dogs weren't busy over the holidays, because they DEFINITELY were.

Last week, on the day before much of our holiday company was to arrive, the mutts decided to spend their evening making friends with the locals. Especially the black-and-white striped locals. It turns out the locals didn't want to be friends. In fact, the locals, being of the skunk variety, decided to make it clear that they wanted to be left alone. Did I mention that all of this happened at 9pm on a freezing cold night? The good news is that we have a foolproof recipe for skunk shampoo, but the bad news is that we had to run to the store for more peroxide and the hose water was just barely above freezing. Usually we'd let the girls sleep under the stars after a skunk tango, but it seemed a bit cruel to leave them soaking wet in below freezing temps.

This kept them warm. Nothing like bunking in the garage for the night while they dried off. Actually, I think Hokie quite enjoyed the cuddle time.

Boston, not so much.

It's a good thing we already had the kennel set up, because we ended up using it a few days later when we had to rescue a neighbor's dog from the blizzard. His poor family had been caught unexpectedly by the storm and couldn't make it home, so he spent a few days with us. It was pretty chaotic so we didn't get a picture of our guest, but he made sure to wake us up early on Christmas morning to let us know that Santa had come, and that he had to pee.

And now for the past week. In normal weather, this is the view from my kitchen at about 5pm every night:

The dinner stare. No matter what I happen to be doing, I can feel 4 mutty eyes burning into me, until they hear the inevitable crash of kibble hitting bowl. Then tails wag, bodies are thrown against the glass...I'll be sure to catch it on video one of these days.

In snowy weather, however, everything changes.

While sleet nor snow nor nuclear holocaust will distract Hokie from a meal, Boston on the other hand was too busy frolicking and snow-bunnying around to be bothered with dinner. She tends to live up to her name and truly comes alive in the snow. If we are blessed with the THIRD SNOWSTORM OF THE SEASON this week as predicted, I'll try to get pictures of this rare event.

Boston frolicking, not the snow. Contrary to what I was told when we moved to this state, snow hasn't exactly been rare this winter.

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  1. Don't forget to give old man Oppa credit for getting up at o-dark-thirty to walk the visiting dog so it would be quiet if only for another moment!