Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mum's the Word

Winter on the prairie is brown. Like, BA-rown. I can't help but remember the vivid colors that we were seeing just 2 months ago when the mums were in bloom, and I just want to fast forward another month to my spring bulbs that will eventually bust out. The weather has been warming up enough (50s-60s) that I can throw on a sweat shirt and my mud shoes and do general cleanup and tinker around in the gardens. Most of the work is about to be concentrated on the vegetable garden.

I decided to conduct a little flower gardening experiment in the meantime, and I'd love it if my more experienced readers could weigh in. In an attempt to save some money next year in the plant-buying department, I moved the mums that previously occupied window boxes and containers to the front flower beds.

Can you even see them? I know it's hard to see the brown on brown contrast. I can't tell if they are just dormant or if they're dead. I mulched them fairly well because we're expected to have a few more hard freezes.

In other news, there is action with my bulbs.

I'm pretty sure this is a hyacinth, but I can't remember. There is a whole row of them poking through and creeping open. Come on, spring!

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