Monday, April 5, 2010

Mutt Monday: Fences Make the Best Mutts

Oh those wiley mutts! Just when they think they've got the whole acre figured out, every smell accounted for, and every blade of grass counted, we go and throw a double whammy--rabbits! fence!--at them. Their world is upside down! Are they allowed inside the fenced garden? No. Can they please go in to the rabbits? No.

We finally finished securing the entire perimeter of the garden this past week by attaching trellising to the base of the shed, because the little dog from next door was easily coming and going from under the shed. With the trellis in place, we paid little attention to the world outside the fence...until this weekend.

Notice anything funny about the trellis under the shed? Take a closer look.

Here Hokie has become reptilian and slithered under the shed on her belly so she can be close to us as we work in the garden. Or does she have another motive? Hey, by the way, where is her partner in crime?

Aha! Boston not only slithered under the shed, she went all the way through to the other side. Why, pray tell, would an otherwise sensible dog do such a thing? Well, that wooden object on the other side of the fence that she is trained on is the rabbit hutch, of course.

I'm not sure if they're working as a team, with Hokie as lookout for humans and Boston looking out for rabbits. More likely, Hokie is hot and bored and wants to see what we're doing, and Boston is claustrophobic and rabbit-crazed.

"Here, bunny bunny. Come out and plaaaaayyy...."

*By the way, I keep forgetting to announce the results of our name-the-rabbits poll. With 44% of the vote, the winning names are: "Raleigh & Durham." It's no coincidence that several voting constituents are residents of the fair state of North Carolina. Since we believe the white bunny is a girl, she will be Raleigh and the boy will be Durham. I know you were all on the edge of your seats over this one.

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