Monday, April 19, 2010

Mutt Monday & Avian Rush Hour

I've mentioned that there is major site work happening on the land behind our yard in order to make way for new houses.

 It means that the delightful cow pasture that used to back up to our yard is now farther away. The dogs are kinda sad about it.

Well, Boston is. Hokie spends most of her time under the shed hunting rabbits.

In other news, we just had 2 days of steady rain, which has left great pools of standing water all over the yard. The rain also brought in significant bird traffic from the decrease in flying bugs.

I actually refilled the feeder twice this weekend for those greedy birds. Most of them were the red-winged blackbirds, which I'd never seen before and had to google.

I never imagined that I would turn into the type of person who watches birds, but they are a little interesting. Today there was a trio of blackbirds with neon yellow heads...almost like neon bald eagles. I reached for my camera but they flew away.

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  1. Yellow-headed blackbirds I'm sure! I've never had to deal with blackbirds at my bird feeders. Maybe you should consider planting some plants that the blackbirds would like so they don't take over your feeder??