Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Garden Update: First Harvest

Things are going really well in the garden so far. I keep telling myself that this time last year, we only had seeds and seedlings in the ground for 2 weeks, but this year we have this:

Thriving peas, lettuce for days, spinach, and lots of onions and carrots. And this is just the first quad! I'm so excited.

This is one of three varieties of lettuce growing, and it's so tasty! I should note that while I direct-seeded a lot of this lettuce, a good amount of it also came from my wintersown milk jugs. It all transplanted beautifully, so I will definitely be sowing again next winter. We also have some potato action:

It's super muddy out there right now from our weekend rain. I'm hoping the potatoes at the end of these rows make it, but they are currently completely submerged in water, so we'll see.

Anyway, our first harvest was last Thursday morning. For some reason (ahem, caffiene still in my system) I was up at 5am and so I headed outside as soon as the the sun came up. I meant to only thin out the lettuce, but this was the haul of my thinnings:

Yes, those are 3 radishes, too. We've harvested 6 of them already. The first three went to the bunnies because I didn't know what to do with them. I have since learned that they pair perfectly with cilantro, meat, tomatoes, green onions, and cheese for tacos. There are no pictures of this because we inhaled them in seconds. I did manage to snap my first salad, though:

This is my version of a Cobb salad with a hard boiled egg, chopped ham, a sprinkle of cheese and walnuts and some homemade honey-mustard vinaigrette. Definitely not a low-cal diet salad, but for sure healthier than a restaurant version. Mmmmmm.

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