Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fancy Dressing

Now that we're out of the woods frost-wise, I have decked out the house in flowers for summer. Last year I pulled the trigger too early and killed a lovely set of hydrangeas the day after I bought them.

We have 2 cast iron planters hung on the front of the house and 2 window boxes, now chock full of snapdragons, marigolds, petunias, and trailing petunias. I hope to add a third planter to the shed once the siding finally goes up to tie in with the rest of the house. The pics aren't the greatest, but you get the idea. Once they really get blooming it should be a nice pop of color for the front.

And though I'm not too thrilled about the fact that the land behind our house has been purchased by developers and we will soon have neighbors behind us that aren't cows, I figured I should spruce up the back porch, too.

I have such a weakness for hanging baskets of flowers, and Bedrock Nursery in Lawton, OK does a PHENOMENAL job on theirs. I almost felt bad for the folks at Lowes this weekend buying their scraggly looking arrangements for twice the price. In fact, I have to say that Bedrock wins the prize this year for their flower selection. Last year I went with another local nursery, but when I took a peek this year, it was slim pickings. This year I bought all of the wisteria, geraniums, and flats of bedding flowers from Bedrock. They even had really awesome looking tomatoes, peppers, and herbs (the latter ended up in my cart somehow...).

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