Monday, October 10, 2011


This delightful bounty is what I came home to on Friday afternoon, delivered courtesy of South Mountain Veggies. The CSA, or community-supported agriculture group, is based out of Frederick, Md and sources organic and IPM foods from farms in the state and Pennsylvania. They also have contacts for organic produce like bananas and oranges which are definitely not local, but are still fresher than store bought.

My goal each weekend is to first "put up" the produce I know I won't cook with in the next week so that nothing goes to waste and so we'll have quality produce in the freezer all winter. Then I try to get creative.

This week I will break down some newer recipes I've tried to use up the CSA produce, which included: beets, cauliflower, concord grapes, pears, apples, spinach, bibb lettuce, acorn squash, red potatoes, and rainbow carrots. Some of the things I came up with are definitely surprising! Stay tuned...

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