Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things That Are New

-Owen, the Baby*
-Aidan, the nephew
-A surprising and wonderful relationship with my younger cousins, and the ability to watch them transform from children to young women
-A surprising and wonderful relationship with my aunt, who has showed me where things are and carried my moving boxes
-A job for Bill that has finally placed him on his desired career track
-A job for me that has renewed my confidence in my skills and has proven that flexibility can exist in the workplace
-The shocking cost of child care
-The heartache of searching for child care
-Daily terror of things happening to my children while at daycare
-The gripping worry that I will not be able to buy winter clothes for the kids
-The morning hustle-out-the-door rush and the evening hustle-to-fix-dinner frenzy
-Realizing that it's ok to spend an evening here and there vegged out in front of the TV
-Realizing that it's ok to forget the dishes and take a family walk, happen upon a local playground, and waste the daylight hours watching Joe run around and climb until the sun goes down
-A big basement
-Plenty of bedrooms and living spaces for guests and hosting every family event I can wrangle
-Owning a rental property
-Having renters we've never met
-Many local, organic food options close to home and in every store
-The ability to go to a farmer's market on almost every day of the week
-A fantastic, affordable CSA delivery every week, year-round
-Quality preschool education for Joe
-Joe's relationship with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins
-Joe's relationship with his brother
-Joe, the Boy

*By far makes up for everything lost and all difficult things found.

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