Monday, September 19, 2011

Things That Are Back

-Less than an hour's drive to my best friends
-My parents and my mother-in-law at arm's length
-The realization that my parents and I do not make good roommates
-The need to set an alarm in the morning
-Boston's love of jumping fences and meeting neighbors
-Quality local news production
-Work clothes
-A commute
-Seeing my sister's eyes rolling at the things I say
-Dining options
-Cultural diversity
-Foreign languages
-Local government regulations
-The high cost of everything
-The gripping, steady, omnipresent fear of not making ends meet
-Seasons that can be enjoyed outdoors
-Grass that can be walked on barefoot
-The ability to spend weeknights, not just holidays, with family and old friends
-Monthly rent
-Living in and maintaining a home that is not ours
-Stress eating
-Two year's worth of lost weight
-Sleepless nights
-Breastfeeding, pumping, and dirty diapers
-The redeeming joy that comes from watching our child(ren) learn something new

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