Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bring It On Summer, Part 2

Summer brings not only harvest, but also death.

This is what just a few days of not watering will do to my lovely flowers. They all look like this. I'm glad I got pictures while they were pretty.

Also, the peas are pooped.

I'm not sad to see them die, though, because we got a great harvest from them and I'm a little sick of spending every single evening shelling peas. When we're back from our next vacation jaunt, we'll mow these down and turn the roots under. They are busy fixing nitrogen in the soil right now, so this area will be prime for replanting other foods for the fall. I'm envisioning an entire quad of cauliflower.

Another casualty, so-to-speak, of the heat is the lettuces:

They have officially gone to seed, though they look rather pretty like this. I have to admit that while the romaine was the first to bolt, the red flame lettuce took it's time. I will definitely plant more of that.

What IS still thriving, you ask? Um, can you say WEEDS?

Yeah. See any actual vegetables in that thicket? I almost wish I could turn the bunnies loose in here and let them eat everything down, but I know they'd either go straight for the carrots or the hole in the fence.

I know this was a pretty bleak post, but there are lots of successes still to be had. Yeah...I decided to make this more than 2 parts, so stay tuned.

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