Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bring It On Summer, Part 3

Okay, okay, what is actually SUCCEEDING in our summer garden? Other than our hugely successful pea harvest and respectable carrot, onion, and potato harvests, our attention is now focused mostly on the contents of Quads 3 & 4.

In between weeds, we have lots of winter squash and beans coming up. Beyond that towards the upper right corner we have tomatoes, garlic, summer squash, okra, and peppers.

I can't wait for these little peps to get big!

That said, there are plenty of surprises going on. Back up in Quad 1, where just about everything is kaput, I am surprised at the red malabar "spinach."

It's not a true spinach, but it is very similar in taste and nutrition. It took FOREVER to germinate, which makes sense because this is definitely a hot weather plant. Yum!

Bill apparently looked up the seed pods coming out all over our neglected radishes, and apparently they are edible, like beans:

I've mentioned the onions flowering, which is a shame because they can't be stored as long. However, they are pretty:

The biggest surprise has been in the strawberry patch. We left for my sister's wedding and it looked like a normal patch of strawberry plants, but when we came up, we found this:

An entire corner completely taken over by cantaloupe! Now, it's not a mystery how these plants located themselves here, as this is where they were planted last year. It's just crazy how well the plants reseeded and stuck around through the winter. I debated moving them over to where I've planted more cantaloupe, but decided against it because they are so mature and thriving. I'm just directing them away from the strawberry plants.

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