Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mutt (Rabbit) Monday (Thursday)

Look, if I took pics of the mutts for the past few Mondays (if I were even here) they would all be the same: hot dogs lying on porch. Occasionally they will lumber briefly off the porch to see if it's any cooler in the yard, but it never is.

So. I will give you rabbits instead. Ridiculous, mammoth, Godzilla-like rabbits that have nearly outgrown their hutch.

They actually do a lot of lying around, being hot, too.

These may be the most spoiled bunnies on the planet, because not only do they get daily afternoon bowls of ice cubes to help them cool down in the 95+ heat, they actually have AC.

It's a simple box fan that we "installed" just outside the cage, but I think it really makes a difference for them. I felt really guilty 2 weeks ago when we left them for my sister's wedding and the temps were over 100. I think the fan is a good guilt-suppressant, and I think Durham agrees with me.

I know when I'm not looking, they press their faces up against it and do their best Phil Collins impressions.

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