Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life in Limbo

Hello friends! Those of you who have seen my Facebook statuses and Twitter updates know that we were hit with MAY-JAH weather last Thursday. I'm talking thick thick ice on every surface, which of course included power lines. We are STILL without power almost a week later. We spent the first 2 nights roughing it in our freezing house and visiting with our friends across the street at the One Acre Homestead. It was actually fun to pool our collective resources (gas fireplace, camp stove, toilet paper, thawing freezer foods, wine) and watch our kids playing. Unfortunately, eventually everyone had to shower, so we broke camp and headed for shelter in Texas for a few days. The news reported that  the hotels in nearby Wichita Falls, TX were occupied with about 80% Oklahoma residents, with no vacancies. All retail outlets reported shortages of generators, camping gear, and fuel. We finally found some for ourselves and are back at home (where I'm learning ALL KINDS of survival skills that I'll blog about in future posts).

We've taken many pictures of our adventures that I will be sure to share with you as soon as Bill is finished using our camera. He is helping to head up the clean up efforts at Ft. Sill. In the meantime, check out this post at One Acre Homestead for some amazing ice pictures from our neighborhood, and our now infamous candlelit spaghetti dinner. Cross your fingers that we get power back before Joe's first birthday!

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