Monday, November 23, 2009

Mutt Monday--Neighbors!

I know it's probably bad form to defy convention so soon in the Mutt Monday tradition, but there are PUPPIES involved, so I don't think you will mind, right dear readers? This week we're featuring doggies that are decidedly NOT mutts, but because their people are watching our mutts while we are at Grandma's for Thanksgiving, we wanted to show them some love. PUPPY Onto the pics.

These pictures were taken while our neighbors were on vacation and we had the great pleasure of taking care of their pups. They are Miniature Australian Shepherds, and in these pics they were only 3 weeks old. We LOVED having them for a week, but Joe thought the feeling of their little paws on his skin was kind of strange:

They wanted to suck on his toes. It was very amusing. Their mama is a gorgeous girl named Zoe, and she is an even more relentless ball-fetcher than Hokie.
If you want to learn more about these amazing little pups, check out their homepage here. I wish we could spend a week with every litter.
Our other doggie neighbor that we had the pleasure of playing with while his folks were away is little Brownie:

He's an enthusiastic little Yorkie who was so busy sniffing around my kitchen I could hardly get him to stand still enough to take this pic. And while the Wat Ranch has a very strict no-dogs-on-on-the-furniture rule, we did make an exception for this little guy. Not all lapdogs are yappy and annoying. Some, like Brownie are cuddly and sweet.

That's it for this week, folks. Big thanks to Zoe's people and Brownie's people for taking care of Boston, Hokie, and their feline overlord while we are gone. I hope they behave as well as your doggies did!

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